Avatarrrs is an easy-to-edit design system, consisting of at least 50 examples I provided, but the combinations can go up to 1.000. It’s an alternative-looking, eccentric collection of illustrations that will help you in your next project!

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Web Design



My idea behind was not to create a typical, boring-looking set of avatars, but rather a more edgy, cool, and rad style to it. There’s enough of standard looking designs out there, so why not take a bit of a risk?


The biggest challenge here was to create a flexible design system, that’s understandable and easy to use. It took me a couple of days to figure it out completely, so the items will not overlap on top of each other. Now you can have up to 7 different layers of elements, and in 90% of the time, it will look great!



This idea came to mind over a year ago, where I started drawing these characters in my iPad. I later thought, that I will create and paint in pixels each one of them manually, but understood that it would make much more sense to create a replaceable asset library. For this I used Illustrator and then painstakingly exported to Figma. Now that Adobe bought Figma, maybe there will finally be a proper ‘Pathfinder’ in Figma?